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Valentine Stud Hearts - Titanium Posts

Valentine Stud Hearts - Titanium Posts

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Beautiful heart-shaped stud earrings that are perfect for Valentine's Day! 22 different styles to choose from!

These earrings are made from a super lightweight resin with hypoallergenic titanium ear posts, great for sensitive skin. They also come in a free gift box, perfect for gifts or any special occasion!

Approximately 12mm (a half-inch) across. Securely affixed to posts with jewelers' grade epoxy adhesive. Please check my shop for other finishes and styles of stud earrings!

Valentine’s Heart Collection

  1. Hot Pink Glitter

  1. Pink Glitter

  1. Silver Glitter

  1. Black Glitter

  1. Red Glitter

  1. Black Gold Crackle

  1. Pink Gold Crackle

  1. White Gold Crackle

  1. Red Gold Flakes

  1. Gold Druzy

  1. Opal Druzy

  1. Hot Pink Druzy

  1. Pink Opal Druzy

  1. Solid Red Druzy

  1. Red Crystal Druzy

  1. Gunmetal Druzy

  1. Silver Druzy

  1. Purple Druzy

  1. White Druzy

  1. Green Gold Druzy

  1. Deep Blue Druzy

  1. Black Druzy

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