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Jenna Scifres Handmade Jewelry

Silver Arrow Earrings on Surgical Steel Wires

Silver Arrow Earrings on Surgical Steel Wires

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Silver arrows made into simple but powerful statement earrings. Arrows are sterling silver plated brass. Ear wires are hypoallergenic, high quality surgical steel! Total length of earrings is a little over 1.5 inches.

♥All jewelry comes gift wrapped in an organza jewelry pouch or gift box.
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Arrow Symbolism: The arrow is an ancient weapon which has carried many meanings over the centuries. Arrows can symbolize setting goals and targets before moving towards achieving them. They can represent ambition, direction and even thought. For Tibetans, the three sections of an arrow are representing the mind (arrow head), body (shaft) and spirit (feather tip). To Native Americans, lone arrows are a symbol of protection and a ward against evil. The arrow comes into play in astrology as the representative symbol for Sagittarius (the Archer) which is also my star sign. In recent pop culture, the arrow has been prominent with fans of The Hunger Games movies and books.

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